Spray coater machine

Spray coater machine

Teun Cremers

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  • Label:Handling / processing
  • Client:Medical company
  • Problem:Products needed to be coated one side
  • Objective:Develop a machine to coat products semi-automatically

Our spray coater allows you to coat products semi-automatically. After manually placing products on the holder plate, the machine coats all placed products.

How it works

The machine atomizes the coating liquid via a spray valve fed by liquid containers. All products on the holder are then coated. This atomized coating is highly flammable, which is why there’s a separate vapor extraction unit at the back of the machine. This ensures sufficient ventilation throughout the entire process. The undersides of the products, which aren’t supposed to be coated, lie protected on the holder. The entire coating process takes place on a moveable frame, complete with braked wheels.

The products lie on a removable product holder. The machine can coat different quantities in a single production run, depending on the size. This machine can handle about 96 products at a time. The rings are automatically placed under the spray valve, after which the machine pushes a single spray pulse for each position. Although the machine is capable of a continuous coating spray, it’s not always using this option.


When the machine is in constant operation, all 96 products are coated without any in-between cleaning. For this particular product, we were working with a coating liquid with a sticky component: this can clog the machine if it isn’t cleaned on time. To prevent clogging between production runs, the system has two sealed containers with a capacity of 360 millilitres. One container is filled with coating spray, the other with rinsing liquid.

Using a software-controlled pneumatic valve, the machine automatically switches between the two containers. The machine also has a waste bin to collect the rinsing fluid used during the cleaning process.

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