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What can you expect from the after-sales service for a custom-made machine from GTE Engineering? Our machines are crafted using high-quality components and designed to ensure the materials' durability and robustness. Typically, our machines are deployed without issues for up to 20 years. At GTE, we operate based on reliable processes. We conduct thorough testing of the machine, including Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT). We also provide maintenance training and offer customers a maintenance protocol along with the necessary documentation.


Our service briefly explained

GTE supplies custom-made machines. We tailor the service that follows entirely to the customer’s wishes. We have various options for providing service:

  • Training
  • Spare parts
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Malfunction
  • Curative maintenance
  • Remote access

Service worldwide

GTE provides service to customers in Europe, the United States of America, and Asia. Our service specialists offer on-site assistance or remote support via phone or remote control. They conduct training sessions for the customer's maintenance staff and maintenance companies hired by the customer.


GTE provides training sessions for our customers. These sessions cover machine operation as well as maintenance of the machine. Essential manuals and videos are provided during the training.

Spare parts

With every machine supplied by GTE, a manual is provided that includes a list of spare parts along with their assembly drawings. The manual outlines maintenance intervals. We are pleased to assist you in supplying spare parts.

Preventive maintenance

Depending on the application and the risk of damage and production loss, we recommend performing preventive maintenance on the machine supplied by GTE. The necessary/advised maintenance is detailed in our maintenance manual. We suggest combining the first preventive maintenance with training for your own staff. We educate your in-house technical team to independently maintain the machine. Following such a combined training involving theoretical explanations and hands-on maintenance, the machine will no longer be a mystery to your organization. You will be able to maintain the machine on your own moving forward.

Curative maintenance

Curative maintenance often requires additional expenditure that has not been budgeted. This expense can be "recovered" in the long term by the advantage that the solution often offers: less maintenance in the future. With curative maintenance you replace the usual maintenance with a better performance of a part of the machine so that maintenance that occurs regularly no longer (or much less) occurs.

Remote access

GTE offers the capability to integrate remote access into the machine, enabling us to remotely oversee the process and modify machine settings. As long as your machine is connected to the internet, remote access is feasible. The establishment of this internet access can be coordinated based on your preferences, either on an as-needed basis or maintained continuously, aligning with your security policies. GTE Engineering ensures swift, efficient, and cost-effective service deployment.


No more delays; your machine is currently offline. In the rare event of this issue, the engineer responsible for building your machine will promptly visit your company, even beyond the warranty period. This means you won’t have to endure waiting until your problem is scheduled at a service department, where the technicians may not be fully acquainted with the machine. Our engineers possess in-depth knowledge of your machine.


LAP-L semi-automatic blister sealing machine

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Being the creators of your machine, we understand what’s needed to restore it to a functional state. This could involve:

  • Thorough analysis and repairs
  • Software support, potentially through remote access
  • Provision of specific parts

Rest assured, you can rely on GTE Engineering’s support.

Our team is also on standby to assist you with any urgent inquiries, and you can reach us even during evenings and weekends.

Contact us at:

Phone: +31 (0)77 – 397 13 06


LAP-L semi-automatic blister sealing machine

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