Tooling and Spare Parts

In addition to machines, GTE Engineering develops tools and accessories – both for our own machines and machines from other manufacturers. Examples include interchangeable parts for cartoning machines, tooling for changing sealing plates or custom-made grippers for robots or cobots. We also supply spare parts for your machine.

Feasibility studies and start-ups

Our Tooling solutions are also interesting for feasibility studies and start-ups. Those kinds of processes usually don’t require a complete modular platform. A more manual approach to the production process makes it possible to combine hand tools with a partially automated machine. This still makes your process more efficient and keeps costs down.

Why machine accessories and spare parts at GTE?

Tooling cart

Looking for a tailor-made tooling cart for the parts of your machine? At GTE, we regularly develop tailor-made carts for all size parts of all kinds of machines. We add more to them than the bare minimum; for example, we work with colour coding so that all parts that belong together are also grouped together.

Spare parts

We’ll draw up a list together showing all spare and wear-sensitive parts that are important to have in stock. This ensures that maintenance staff can repair the machine quickly and you have as little downtime as possible.


GTE develops tooling for all kinds of processes – from interchangeable parts to grippers for robots or cobots. Our tooling solutions are also suitable for start-ups and clinical trials: a clinical trial’s production processes can be (partly) manual and automated later on.

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LAP-L semi-automatic blister sealing machine
Tooling  - BOX-EXT

Spare Parts

An important aspect of the design and production process of machines is the preparation of a spare parts list. This list usually includes wear-sensitive parts, which are useful to have in stock. We’ll look together at which parts to include on the list – which can also include regular parts. Parts on this list can be ordered through GTE, but also directly from the supplier. This means you aren’t dependent on GTE.

Looking for a platform

Wondering which GTE Platform is the best fit for your organisation? Discover the unique specifications for each platform by clicking on their respective images.

Looking for something different? Take a look at GTE Custom-Made!

Are you looking for a specific machine that hasn’t been listed on our website? Take a look at GTE Custom-Made! GTE Custom-Made is a line of machines designed for specific purposes and fully customised to your needs.

The experience of other companies

Curious how other companies found the service regarding machine accessories and spare parts. Read the experiences of other companies here.

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LAP-C spuiten assembleren
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The LAP-C with Mecademic robot

GTE designed and built the LAP-C. A circular platform for assembling and/or packaging medical products. When we design the LAP-C as an assembly machine, we often use a Mecademic robot.

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BOX-EXT: compacte kartonneermachine
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High mix – low volume

In the pharmaceutical industry, there is a growing demand for high mix-low volume production (HMLV). HMLV signifies that medications and medical devices are increasingly being personalized, tailored more specifically to the patient: a greater variety of medical products combined in smaller quantities.

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LAP-L Blister vul seal machine
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3D printing in engineering– thinking out of the box

Years ago, in 2001, GTE engineering embraced 3D printing for the creation process of its exclusive machines. Until then it was science fiction. Today we can no longer live without it. How do we use 3D printing at GTE and what advantages does it have?

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What is ‘Smart Customization’?

ETO, CTO and Smart Customization. Terms that are more often used in mechanical engineering. But what do these terms mean? Everyone working in mechanical engineering should know what development these words describe.

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Considerations when selecting reputable machine developers

What factors should you consider when selecting a machine builder? Do they meet the stringent quality standards of the medical industry? While there are numerous legal regulations in place to ensure machine and product quality, it’s crucial that machine designers and builders are cognizant of these requirements. Additionally, take into account three key factors that can impact both the machine and your product’s quality: the human factor, the product design, and the proficiency of the machine builder.

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Lidstansmachine met print systeem
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Accepting downtime is a mortal sin!

Everyone knows that companies are all about production, or ‘adding value’. Value is everything the customer needs and pays for. All other activities support this. That’s why it’s so strange that unplanned downtime is so quickly accepted and seen as ‘normal’. Many companies are not aware of how often the production line comes to a standstill. People quickly get used to it and accept downtime on a production or assembly line. However, a production line coming to a standstill is disastrous for the organization. If no value is added, the entire organization comes to a standstill.

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