Semi-automatic assembly machine eye drop device

Efficiency and Quality in a Single Machine

The semi-automatic assembly machine for eye drop devices is an advanced total solution that simplifies the punching, assembly, and packaging of eye drop devices. With this system, our customers can optimize their production process and increase productivity. This machine consists of three essential components that work seamlessly together: the punching station, the separating and assembly station, and the folding and packaging station.

Steps to Operate this Semi-Automatic Machine

Step 1: Punching the Devices

In the first station of the machine, the operator can accurately punch the molded devices according to the desired specifications. This ensures consistency and uniformity in the production process. With our semi-automatic assembly machine, you can rely on a reliable and efficient punching procedure.

Step 2: Automatic Assembly and Inspection

The separating and assembly station is the heart of the machine. Here, the eye drop tubes are automatically unrolled from a roll and placed in the devices.

An advanced Vision System checks the correct placement and quality of the assembly. This ensures a precise and error-free process, eliminating manual errors.

Step 3: Folding and Packaging

In the folding and packaging station, the assembled devices are packed efficiently. Thanks to our semi-automatic assembly machine, customers can count on a uniform and streamlined packaging procedure. This saves time and minimizes potential packaging errors.


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Semi-automatic assembly machine eye drop device

Collaboration and Consultation

During the development of the eye drop device, we were closely involved in our customer’s process. We provided advice and collaborated to enable long-term automation. By working together and sharing our expertise, we were able to create a solution that meets their specific needs and supports future growth.

A Powerful Solution

This machine not only offers efficiency and quality but also reliability and accuracy in the production process. We take pride in supporting our customers in achieving their goals and delivering high-quality medical devices to the world.

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