Recently made machines

Continuous Spraycoater

Continuous Spraycoater

GTE Engineering designed a spraycoater for a client in the medical and pharmaceutical industry to protect rubber products. Read more
Syringe assembly machine/ Spuit assemblage machine

Syringe assembly machine

For a client in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, GTE Engineering designed a Syringe assembly machine. Discover how we can assist you! Read more
LAP-C & LAP-L Carton folding, filling & closing machine

LAP-C & LAP-L Carton folding, filling & closing machine

Are you in search of an advanced solution for folding, filling, and closing boxes? Introducing the carton folding, filling & closing machine by GTE Engineering, a masterpiece designed based on our proprietary LAP-C and LAP-L… Read more
LAP-L semi-automatic blister sealing machine

LAP-L semi-automatic blister sealing machine

We developed a Semi-automatic Blister sealing machine based on our LAP-L Platform for a customer who wanted to save space, increase automation, and have a validated process. Read more
LAP-L Blister vul- en sealmachine

LAP-L blister filling and sealing machine

We’ve developed a linear and modular platform: the LAP-L Platform. This platform forms the basis for the LAP-L Blister filling and sealing machine. Read more
Lidstansmachine met printer

Lid punching machine with printer

The machine perforates, prints, and punches lids and labels from rolls of Tyvek, medical paper or other material with a maximum diameter of 400 millimetres. This machine is suitable for high-mix, low-volume production processes. Read more
Spraycoater machine

Spray coater machine

A semi-automatic spray coater machine which can coat 96 products at the same time. Read more
Intraoculaire Lensverpakkingsmachine

Intraocular lens packing machine

We developed a fully customised machine which semi-automatically pack the lenses in our customer’s newly developed packaging Read more
NX-B Rotary Sealer met printstation met Nelipak

NX-B rotary sealer with printstation Nelipak

We’ve added a print station to Nelipak’s standard NX-B Rotary Sealer for multiple customers over the years. Read more
LAP-C Kartonneermachine

LAP-C Box Folding Machine

A fully automatic cartoning machine for complicated packaging boxes with partitions from planos (flat pieces of cardboard). Read more
LAP-C Blister verpakking seal machine

LAP-C blister fill and sealing machine

We designed and developed a blister fill and sealing machine based on our LAP-C platform Read more
Cobot automatische veloplegger NX-B Sealer Nelipak

Cobot automatic sheet dispenser NX-B Sealer Nelipak

This sealer is a rotary sealer to which GTE added an automatic sheet dispenser for placing lids as well as a cobot for automatically outputting sealed blisters. Read more
Case packer machine

Case packer machine

This machine stacks the secondary packs into the desired number of layers, then slides the stacks into the shipper box Read more
LAP-C Assemblage verpakkings machine spuiten

LAP-C syringe assembly machine

The syringe assembly and packing machine is a combination of the two. The first machine handles the printing and assembly of a double syringe, while the second machine places the syringe in a blister and… Read more
Semiautomatische assemblagemachine oogdruppel-device

Semi-automatic assembly machine eye drop device

A semi-automatic assembly machine for separating, assembling, and packaging a new eye drop device. Read more
Sluitmachine voor sideloaded dozen met hotmelt-lijm

Box gluing machine

Closing machine for side-loaded boxes with hot-melt glue, with a glued end on one side, and a tucked-in and glued end on the other. Read more
Stand-alone printstation voor spuiten

Stand-alone printing station for syringes

A stand-alone printing station for syringes which can digitally print various-sized syringes Read more
BOX-EXT: compacte kartonneermachine

BOX-EXT: compact cartoner for boxes with cardboard insert

The BOX-EXT is a cartoning machine which folds and glues different sizes of flat cardboard into a top-loaded box – it also folds and glues the insert of the box. Read more
(UV) gluing machine

(UV) Gluing machine

The machine consists of a gluing station and a curing station. The gluing station applies the (UV) glue to the two plastic components, which are then manually placed in the tray of the curing station. Read more
BOX-E kleine kartonneer machine

BOX-E small cartoning machine

BOX-E: a small cartoning machine that is suitable for folding and gluing various sizes of top-loaded boxes. Read more
Lid stans machine

Lid punching machine

A Lid punching machine to punch and print lids in small quantities and various sizes. Read more
Liquid filling machine for filling microdoses of liquid

Liquid filling machine for filling microdoses of liquid

The liquid filling machine for filling microdoses of liquid helps makes error-prone precision work a lot less nail-biting. Read more
Automatic counting machine

Automatic counting machine

The machine counts the products during their placement in, for example, primary or secondary packaging or during their placement in a shipper box. Read more
Seal machine NX-T1

Sealing machine with automatic drawer – Nelipak

The Sealing machine with an automatic drawer is the logical next step in Sealing machine revolution Read more
Bandage oprol machine

Bandage rolling machine

A machine in which five bandages are rolled up at a time and then packed with ten others, fully automatically. Read more
TAP-L linear fill seal machine

TAP-L linear fill-seal machine for medical products

The TAP-L is used to automatically fill trays with drugs or medical devices and then seal them. Read more

Bursting strength tester

This machine tests and checks the quality of sachets or stick packs’ packaging, helping you meet set quality standards without any hassle. Read more
Form fill seal machine

Automatic form-fill-seal machine

The Automatic Form-Fill-Seal Machine is a multifunctional machine which forms a blister at high speed. Read more
Stans- en sealmachine

Punching and sealing machine

Our Punching and sealing machine is especially designed to neatly and safely package various products. Read more
Seal machine. This machine is applicable to both high-mix, low-volume and serial production.

Sealing machine – Nelipak

This Nelipak machine is applicable to both high-mix, low-volume and serial production. Read more