All about the LAP-B Platform

GTE Engineering's LAP-B Platform is the solution for medical and pharmaceutical companies seeking a standardized automation base for a custom process. Unlike the LAP-C and LAP-L Platforms, the LAP-B Platform is designed without transport functionality, making it the ideal base for automating both simple and complex processes where linear or circular transport is not desired.  

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Scalable design with a small footprint

The LAP-B Platform from GTE Engineering focuses on efficient use of available space, resulting in a small machine footprint. By placing control cabinets within the machine, we reduce the machine’s footprint while keeping the controlls accessible and integrated.

LAP-L semi-automatic blister sealing machine

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GTE Design

The recognizable GTE design DNA is incorporated into the LAP-B, with a focus on hygienic design suitable for cleanroom environments. The platform is optionally equipped with its own fan-filter system to create internal downflow.

The LAP-B comes standard with transparent safety enclosures equipped with electronically lockable doors, providing maximum product visibility and ensuring employee safety.

Control elements (emergency stops) are easily identifiable and placed at the corners, while the HMI touchscreen’s user interface has a distinctive style. The modular design features high-quality stainless steel enclosures and frames, making the LAP-B an extremely durable machine in terms of lifespan, material usage, and recycling.

The LAP-B Platform can be expanded and linked to other LAP-B modules. Vibratory fillers and docking stations can be added to increase automation and machine autonomy. Additionally, the platform is well-suited for the integration of robots or cobots, enabling highly flexible and complex handling.

The LAP-B Platform boasts several unique features that highlight GTE Engineering’s knowledge and expertise:

  • Scalable, modular design
  • Clear overview for operators across the entire machine
  • Small footprint
  • Customizable work height
  • Proven techniques from the LAP-C and LAP-L Platforms
  • Highly accessible for maintenance and operators
  • Suitable for small production quantities (high mix, low volume)
  • Siemens-based control, with the option for other systems
  • Integration of Vision systems possible
  • Shorter lead times compared to fully custom machines
  • Clear UI, including status indication with LED panels in the ceiling of the machine
  • Processes within the machine can be adjusted and expanded afterwards
  • PLC combined with remote IO stations to limit on-site installation and validation at the customer’s location

Why Choose the LAP-B Platform?

The LAP-B Platform, with its small footprint and the ability to integrate robots and cobots, is ideal for companies looking to further automate their production, assembly, or packaging processes. It’s also suitable for companies in need of a custom machine within a standardized platform featuring proven techniques. In addition to increasing capacity, the LAP-B significantly enhances process control and validation compared to manual processes.

Scalable Design

For those looking for a platform that can be expanded later with additional modules or segments, the LAP-B Platform is the right choice. Adding docking stations further automates the production process. It's also possible to create a compact mobile solution with the relatively compact LAP-B machine design.

Small Footprint

During the design phase, we focused on creating a robust and foolproof machine with the smallest possible footprint. Achieving this involved placing control cabinets above the machines and designing the platform with a modular structure. The machine is lowered for transport, allowing it to pass through a standard door height.

Easy Maintenance

Placing control cabinets above the machines makes maintenance easy and accessible. There's no need to work in tight spaces behind, beside, or under the machine. The mechanical components, typically located below the product level, are easily accessible due to detachable panels. The platform features remote access, enabling straightforward remote service.


Our machines typically use a Siemens control platform, often the Siemens S7-1500F fail-safe PLC, combined with a clean and user-friendly HMI. Other control systems, such as Allen Bradley, can also be implemented.


With modular software and a well-thought-out HMI layout, machine operation is clear yet highly adjustable. The modular software application makes it possible to later adapt it to different (new) product formats and production recipes. Moreover, the software can be adjusted later to further automate processes by adding extra modules. Upon purchase, GTE always shares the source code with the customer.

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LAP-L semi-automatic blister sealing machine
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Quick ROI

With GTE Engineering’s LAP-B Platform, you can expect a rapid return on investment. By combining existing segments and modules that can be customized to the customer’s requirements, we achieve a swift delivery. We work with our customers to determine which process steps are most suitable for automation, considering both automation costs and potential labor savings. However, the focus isn’t solely on ROI; in some cases, process validation is crucial for our customers.


LAP-L semi-automatic blister sealing machine

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