Why choose GTE Engineering?

GTE Engineering develops the machine you’ve been looking for by combining our in-depth knowledge and proven quality with your requirements and needs. Our expertise guarantees that you’re at the right place in the field of machinery for the medical and pharmaceutical sector – from hand tooling to the full automation of production processes. Plus, you have little to worry about in terms of maintenance: most of our machines have been operating for 20 years without any major problems.  

Our Approach

Your requirements and wishes are our priority. Whether you’re looking for a custom-made machine used for one specific purpose or one of our Platforms used for various products, we will work together to assess what you need and how we can best integrate it into a machine.

Your Wish is Our Command

We develop machines based on User Requirement Specification (URS) set by you. We both look at what the machine must do and what could be nice to add. We won't sell you a high-end machine if you only need an entry-level model.

Manufacturing Your Machine

When your machine is in production, we constantly test and continue fine-tuning, so you can be sure that no unnecessary errors and problems occur when you have the machine in use. That's one of the reasons we can guarantee the quality of our machines.


When delivering your machine, we install it carefully and give operators and technicians the necessary training so they know all the ins and outs of the machine. As a result, any problems that arise can be solved by your own staff, minimising downtime as much as possible.

Service and Maintenance

Any problems that arise can usually be resolved by your own technicians. If not, we are here to help. Problems can usually be resolved remotely – the machines are not down for long, and the production process can be restarted quickly.

Quality Standards

In the medical and pharmaceutical sector, validation is a crucial step when commissioning a new machine into use. Therefore, we ensure the machine works as it should and complies with all quality standards at the time of validation, avoiding delays and making the process as efficient as possible.

High-Quality Components

GTE only uses high-quality components in the development of its machines. These components are off-the-shelf products from reputable suppliers. This allows us to guarantee that the quality of the parts is of the highest level.

The advantage of GTE Engineering’s machines is that you can quickly switch production processes. The interchangeable parts in the machines, such as blister moulds, are easily and changed without the need of tools, allowing you to restart the production process in no time!

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LAP-L semi-automatic blister sealing machine
LAP-L blister filling and sealing machine

GTE Platforms

Our GTE Platforms have been developed for total solutions. From semi-automated to fully automated processes, it’s all possible with our GTE Platforms. Thanks to our platform’s modularity, you can easily expand your semi-automated process later without having to re-validate the entire process: only the new part needs to be validated. This keeps the automation expansion efficient, while you lose as little production time as possible.

Lid punching machine with printing

GTE Custom-Made

GTE Custom-Made is for companies looking for a non-existent machine to meet specific requirements. One of the GTE Custom-Made success stories is the Semi-automatic assembly machine Eye Drop device. This machine was designed after a clinical trial where we developed manual tools for the customer. After the clinical trial, the customer wanted a semi-automated machine for the same process.

We’re always looking for talent

Can’t find the job you’re looking for among the vacancies? GTE is always looking for new talent. Send us your open application with your CV and cover letter today.


Discover our knowledge & inspiration

LAP-C spuiten assembleren
5 minutes

The LAP-C with Mecademic robot

GTE designed and built the LAP-C. A circular platform for assembling and/or packaging medical products. When we design the LAP-C as an assembly machine, we often use a Mecademic robot.

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BOX-EXT: compacte kartonneermachine
5 minutes

High mix – low volume

In the pharmaceutical industry, there is a growing demand for high mix-low volume production (HMLV). HMLV signifies that medications and medical devices are increasingly being personalized, tailored more specifically to the patient: a greater variety of medical products combined in smaller quantities.

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LAP-L Blister vul seal machine
5 minutes

3D printing in engineering– thinking out of the box

Years ago, in 2001, GTE engineering embraced 3D printing for the creation process of its exclusive machines. Until then it was science fiction. Today we can no longer live without it. How do we use 3D printing at GTE and what advantages does it have?

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Atmosphere impression GTE
5 minutes

What is ‘Smart Customization’?

ETO, CTO and Smart Customization. Terms that are more often used in mechanical engineering. But what do these terms mean? Everyone working in mechanical engineering should know what development these words describe.

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Atmosphere impression GTE
5 minutes

Considerations when selecting reputable machine developers

What factors should you consider when selecting a machine builder? Do they meet the stringent quality standards of the medical industry? While there are numerous legal regulations in place to ensure machine and product quality, it’s crucial that machine designers and builders are cognizant of these requirements. Additionally, take into account three key factors that can impact both the machine and your product’s quality: the human factor, the product design, and the proficiency of the machine builder.

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Lidstansmachine met print systeem
4 minutes

Accepting downtime is a mortal sin!

Everyone knows that companies are all about production, or ‘adding value’. Value is everything the customer needs and pays for. All other activities support this. That’s why it’s so strange that unplanned downtime is so quickly accepted and seen as ‘normal’. Many companies are not aware of how often the production line comes to a standstill. People quickly get used to it and accept downtime on a production or assembly line. However, a production line coming to a standstill is disastrous for the organization. If no value is added, the entire organization comes to a standstill.

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