Success Stories

LAP-L Blister vul seal machine

Flexibility and modularity

The LAP-L blister filling and sealing machine is an innovative solution that meets the stringent requirements of the modern medical and pharmaceutical industry. Read more
LAP-C Kartonneermachine

Efficiency and flexibility

For a client seeking an automated solution for folding and gluing complex packaging boxes with inlays, we’ve developed the perfect machine: the LAP-C Cartoning Machine. Read more
LAP-C Blister verpakking seal machine

Versatile platform

We’ve developed a custom solution for a client’s challenge: the blister packaging and sealing machine. This tailor-made machine is based on our LAP-C platform. Read more
Semiautomatisch assemblage machine oogdruppel device

Improving production process

An innovative development: the semi-automatic assembly machine for eye drop devices. This machine has significantly improved the production process and offers efficiency and quality for our customers. Read more
Automatic counting machine

Solution for production loss

A customer was struggling with frequent blockages in their packaging line. Additionally, they were receiving a lot of errors when manually counting the products, leading to unnecessary returns and loss of production. Working closely with… Read more
Bandage oprol machine

Partial automation

Recently, our company faced the challenge of helping a customer partially automate the winding and packaging of bandages. Using in-house expertise, we developed the Bandage Winding Machine, which makes this labour-intensive process just that bit… Read more
BOX-E kleine kartonneermachine

Efficient and small cartoning

Companies used to rely on purchasing small quantities of folded and printed boxes, incurring significant costs. To address this challenge, we designed the BOX-E: a small cartoning machine that increases efficiency and saves costs for… Read more
BOX-EXT: compacte kartonneermachine

Compact cartoning with partition

We’re happy to share the success story of one of our innovative cartoning machines, the BOX-EXT: a compact cartoning machine that meets the unique needs of this industry. Read more
Lidstansmachine met print systeem

HMLV lid punching

In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, it’s important to be able to rely on machines that work reliably and efficiently, especially when it comes to producing lids and labels in different formats and in small… Read more
Sluitmachine voor sideloaded dozen met hotmelt-lijm

Validated hot melt closure cartons

One of our successes is the development and implementation of our box sealing machine with hot melt adhesive. We are excited to share the success story of this machine, which simplifies the packaging process and… Read more