BOX-EXT: compact cartoning machine
BOX-EXT: compact cartoning machine

Efficiency through automation

One of the key features of the BOX-EXT is the automatic tray, which makes the production process considerably more efficient. A simple press of a button closes the drawer, after which the machine places the flat cardboard above the folding tool and the pressing tool pushes the box into it. This pushes the box into the right shape and glues it shut. The machine then places the box on a conveyor belt for further processing.

Flexibility for high-mix, low-volume production

The BOX-EXT was designed to meet the needs of companies working with a wide variety of products at low volumes. The machine can be adapted to your specific requirements and offers the possibility of folding and gluing different sizes of flat board into a top loaded box. Moreover, the machine is capable of folding and gluing the insert of the box.

Fast turnaround times and adjustable working height

Time is precious in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The BOX-EXT delivers impressive turnaround times, depending on box size and operator speed. The turnaround time of a box with an inlay varies between 12 and 20 seconds, while a box without inlay takes between 10 and 15 seconds. Moreover, the working height of the machine can be adjusted between 1.05 and 1.10 metres, allowing operators to work comfortably without undue strain.


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BOX-EXT: compact cartoning machine
BOX-EXT: compact cartoning machine

Discover the benefits of the BOX-EXT

The BOX-EXT compact cartoning machine is a versatile and efficient solution for packaging medicine, medical devices, and other pharmaceutical products. This machine is designed to meet the specific requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, with the ability to perform high-mix, low-volume production efficiently.

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