BOX-E small cartoning machine

BOX-E: the solution for efficient cartoning

The BOX-E is a customisable cartoning machine suitable for folding and gluing different sizes of top-loaded cartons. With a quick return on investment (ROI) of just six months, the BOX-E has proven to be a worthwhile investment for companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to this machine, these companies can switch quickly and easily from folded and printed cartons to flat cartons, generating significant cost savings.

Another advantage of the BOX-E is the storage space it requires. Companies used to store boxes in large quantities, which took up valuable space. With the BOX-E, they can now store flat cardboard, which takes up much less space. This creates a more efficient layout of their warehouses and saves valuable space that can be used for other purposes.

Powerful functionalities and flexibility

The BOX-E is equipped with a range of powerful features that enable companies to work more efficiently and switch quickly between different products and packaging needs. The machine features an automatic tray that positions the flat cardboard and automatically applies glue. The cardboard is then placed above the folding tool and folded into the right shape using a pushing tool.

One of the major advantages of the BOX-E is the simple and fast change-over. The pushing, folding, and loading tools are interchangeable and easy to position, allowing companies to quickly switch to different cardboard sizes without losing valuable time. This increases the flexibility of the production process and enables quick response to changing demand.

Additionally, machine capacity can be increased by 15% by using the optional conveyor belt. This ensures constant output, making production more efficient.

Reliability and quality control

The BOX-E doesn’t just offer efficiency and flexibility, but also reliability and quality control. The machine’s Vision System provides barcode or DataMatrix verification, ensuring that products are correctly packed and labelled. This contributes to production quality and prevents errors and discrepancies that can be costly for companies in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Additionally, the BOX-E is equipped with a tooling cart which serves as a safe storage place for interchangeable parts. This ensures that parts are easily accessible and well organised, improving the efficiency of the maintenance process and minimising machine downtime.

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BOX-E small cartoning machine
BOX-E small cartoning machine

Experience the benefits of the BOX-E

The BOX-E has given companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries a powerful tool to optimise their packaging process. The adaptability of the machine allows you to efficiently process different box sizes, while the automated tray and precise gluing application ensure a smooth and error-free folding and gluing process. Vision checks ensure good production quality and consistency in the machine’s output.

Discover the advantages of the BOX-E today and transform your packaging process into a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

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