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Versatility and adaptability

Our Lid punching machine was specially designed for a leading medical company that needed to punch and print lids in various sizes and in small quantities. This versatile machine can perforate, print, and punch lids and labels from rolls of Tyvek, medical paper or other material with a maximum diameter of 400 millimetres. This makes the Lid punching machine perfect for high-mix, low-volume production processes, where flexibility and precision are essential.

Efficiency in production

One of the main advantages of the Lid punching machine is the efficiency it offers in the production process. Previously, lids were made on a high-speed line, but swapping out parts for smaller batches took a lot of time. The Lid punching machine can be quickly and easily adjusted to different sizes, saving time and reducing costs for our customer. The quick return on investment (ROI) makes the Lid punching machine a worthwhile investment for companies that regularly switch to different batches.

Intelligent quality control functions

Besides efficiency, the Lid punching machine also offers advanced quality control features. During the production process, each lid is checked for the  correct data and material code using a camera and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Lids that meet the requirements are approved and punched out. To ensure each lid is printed correctly, the Lid punching machine uses a colour sensor. The paper is fed into the thermal transfer printer via an unwinding unit, where a lot number and best-before date are printed onto it. If the colour sensor doesn’t detect coloured tape (Splice detection), it prints the numbers. This minimises errors and ensures that only lids with the correct printing are approved.

Lid punching machine printer

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Lid punching machine
Lid punching machine with printing

A reliable machine

With the introduction of the Lid punching machine, we offer the medical and pharmaceutical industries a reliable machine for punching and printing lids and labels of various sizes. Our machine combines efficiency, flexibility, and advanced quality control functions to optimise production processes and reduce costs.

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