LAP-C Cartoning Machine

A Fully Automated Solution for complex cartons

Our client in the medical industry required an automated solution capable of folding and gluing complex packaging boxes with inlays. The existing high-speed lines were unsuitable for the smaller batches they needed. With this challenge in mind, we combined the technologies of our BOX-EXT and LAP-C Platforms to create the perfect solution.

The LAP-C Cartoning Machine is entirely tailored to the client’s specific requirements. It can automatically separate flat cardboard pieces (carton blanks), apply adhesive, fold the bottom, and fold and glue the box with hot melt adhesive. The fifth station is dedicated to folding and placing the inlays, while the sixth and final station closes the box and automatically places it on a packaging table.

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Flexibility and Quality in a Single Machine

The LAP-C Cartoning Machine combines flexibility and quality. With the capability to process multiple box sizes and five different inlays, this machine is ideal for producing high-quality complex packaging boxes. The advanced LAP-C Platform ensures a small footprint, a crucial factor when the machine is used in a cleanroom environment.

Additionally, the machine can be quickly adapted to a different box size thanks to format parts that can be easily interchanged without the need for tools. This ensures efficient production changeovers and minimizes downtime.

Reliable Control and User-Friendly Operation

The LAP-C Cartoning Machine is equipped with a Siemens control system, ensuring reliable performance and trouble-free operation. The use of advanced technologies in the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) makes it intuitive to operate and monitor the machine, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

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LAP-C Cartoning Machine - HMI screen
LAP-C Cartoning Machine

Discover the LAP-C Cartoning Machine

If you want to combine efficiency, flexibility, and quality in your production line’s packaging process, the LAP-C Cartoning Machine is the solution you’re seeking. With its advanced features, reliable control, and user-friendliness, this machine is perfectly suited for the medical industry.

Choose the LAP-C Cartoning Machine and experience how this innovative system elevates your packaging processes to new heights. Contact us today and explore the possibilities for your business.

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