Lid printing and punching machine

Paul Kleven

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  • Label:Handling, Processing and Packaging
  • Client:Large medical company
  • Problem:Punching and printing smaller numbers and different sizes lids
  • Objective:Develop a punching machine for smaller volumes and different sizes lids

We developed a lid-punching machine for a large healthcare technology company that wanted to punch out and print small numbers on various-sized lids. This machine perforates, prints, and punches lids and labels out of Tyvek, medical paper, or other materials – as long as its diameter doesn’t exceed 400 millimeters. Need another size? Our machine allows our clients to easily adjust the machine’s settings. This lid-punching machine is suited for high-mix, low-volume production processes.

Here’s how it works

The paper leaves the unwind unit to a thermal transfer printer which prints lot numbers and expiration dates onto the lids. This printer uses a color sensor to detect where it should or shouldn’t print information: if it detects colored tape, it doesn’t print anything, and vice versa.

After printing, the paper passes by a camera that checks whether each lid has the correct data and material codes. The outcome of this check determines whether the lid is punched. If needed, the machine will perforate the lids prior to punching. Once the lids have been punched out, they enter an approval storage. The lids that have been rejected by the camera system or are covered with colored tape aren’t punched out, but are disposed of, together with the remains of the paper roll.

A customized lid-punching machine, tailored to your process

We’ve developed more than lid-punching machines for healthcare technology companies. GTE has successfully completed countless projects.

We strive to make production processes as efficient and cost-effective as possible. In addition to this lid-punching machine, small or medium-sized companies could also, for example, use one of our LAP-C machines to assemble and package their products. The lids from this punching machine can also come in handy with an LAP-L Blister filling and sealing machine..

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