Intraocular Lens Packing Machine

Teun Cremers

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  • Label:Handling, processing, Verpacken
  • Client:Company for unique intraocular lenses and instruments for ophthalmology
  • Problem:Automation of a manual process
  • Objective:Automation of liquid filling and container sealing

A customer asked us to develop a custom lens packing machine that would fit with their new packaging. With this request in mind, we set to work.

This is what we came up with: operators check the lenses beforehand and place them in containers. These containers are then placed in the machine, where they’re filled with liquid. Various checks ensure that the containers are filled with the right amount of liquid and there are no drops remaining on the edges. The last part is crucial for the next step: sealing.

Pre-punched aluminium lids are separated and placed on the container, after which these lids are sealed in place. The machine then places the containers in a rack – any rejected products are placed separately.

Performed vision checks:

  • 2D code
  • Product placing
  • Droplet detection
  • Proper lid placement

Using this machine, our customer converted a manual process into an automated one within an instant. The machine itself has a small carbon footprint and its design is both safe and practical, partly because of its light curtain. The machine’s controls are based on Siemens’s technology.

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