NX-B rotation sealer from Nelipak
Automatic lid dispenser
Universal Cobot for blister outfeed

Cobot and automatic sheet dispenser for NX-B sealer (by Nelipak)

Jens Jacobs

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  • Label:Handling, processing
  • Client:Big international medical company
  • Problem:Further automation required of the packaging process
  • Objective:Two stations of the NX-B automated

GTE also adds automations to existing machines. For example, we added two stations to a customer’s NX-B sealer from Nelipak. These are:

  1. An automatic sheet dispenser for placing lids: Including product check and including check of the placed lid
  2. Cobot that automatically unloads blisters

These additions allow the machine to be operated by one operator only.

First, an operator places the filled blisters into the seal mold. At the second station, presence of products is checked with a vision camera. Next, a lid is separated. With suction cups, the machine checks whether it is a single lid. Then the lid is placed onto the blister. Finally, the vision camera is used to check whether the lids have been placed correctly.

The blister is sealed at the next station. GTE has not made any adjustments to the existing process. Thanks to the technology of the standard Nelipak machine, the time, temperature and force of the sealing are logged.

At the fourth and final station, the Cobot takes the filled and sealed blisters from the machine and places them on a conveyor belt (or any other preferred medium).

The entire machine is CE certified. GTE takes responsibility for the safety of the entire system.

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