Semi-automatic assembly machine for eye drop device

Mark van den Munckhof

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  • Label:Handling, processing, assembling, packaging
  • Client:Big international medical company
  • Problem:New product has to be assembled - small batches
  • Objective:Build semi-automatic machine according to customer's process


It started after a clinical trial for which GTE developed manual tools. From there, our client asked us to develop a semi-automatic assembly machine which could separate, assemble and package a new eye drop device.

The machine consists of three parts:

  1. Die cutting station
  2. Separation and assembly station
  3. Folding and packaging station


At the first station, an operator cuts the die-casted devices from a frame and secures the cut-out devices in a product carrier. The operator then places this product carrier into the separation and assembly station on the machine. Here, eye drop tubes are automatically taken from rolls and placed in the devices. A visual check is performed to confirm that the devices are filled with the eye drop tubes.

In the next phase, the operator places the product carriers with the filled devices into the folding and packaging station. Here, the devices are closed off. The operator then places a blister on the product carrier, unlocking the eye drop devices and securing them into the blister.

An operator can control the machine and start-up production with a step-by-step procedure. Information of each batch is logged on a USB stick and printed on a batch label.

The machine is custom-designed and delivered according to the requirements and demands of the client.

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