NX-B rotary sealer (by Nelipak) with printing station

Chelle Korstjaans

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  • Label:Handling, processing
  • Client:Big international medical company
  • Problem:Further automation required of the packaging process
  • Objective:Additional print station on the NX-B of Nelipak

GTE has built printing stations on Nelipak’s standard NX-B rotary sealers for multiple customers in the last couple of years. The need to print data on blisters has increased because of new regulations; GTE adds this functionality to existing rotary sealers.

We added the following processes to the standard sealer for this particular customer:

  • Scanning batch codes
  • Thermal Inkjet printer
  • Vision checking printed data

Printing controls are integrated into the HMI of the machine.

Are you interested in adding a printing station to your existing sealer? Feel free to contact us.

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