TAP-l : Linear Fill-Sealmachine for medical products

  • Label: Packaging
  • Client: Several Companies in the medical industry
  • Problem: Current system has too little production capacity and is labour intensive
  • Objective: Reduce operator costs; improve product quality

The TAP-l (tray automatic packaging - linear) is intended to pack trays automatically with medical products and seal them. The machine places the tray automatically in the molds from the magazine with the automatic destacking hopper. The products can be automatically or manually loaded. Subsequently, the content is controlled by vision control. After this, the lidding is automatically applied. The lidding foil gets heat-sealed. Hereby, the force, the time, and the temperature is computer controlled. The machine is designed to minimize molds remained unused. The molds are transported back upside down, no pollution can occur by dust particles (according to GMP). Molds can easily be changed. The speed of the molds at the bottom is faster than on the top, therefore as little as possible molds are not in use. The machine fully complies with 21cfr part11.

Jeroen Smulders

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