Mark van den Munckhof

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  • Label:Handling, Processing, Packaging
  • Client:Big international medical company
  • Problem:Small floor space for standard machine
  • Objective:Casepacker in a unique small format


The Casepacker packs secondary packaging with medical products into export boxes. The machine stacks the secondary packages, forms layers of boxes and then slides the stacks into the export boxes, which are separated from a stack and unfolded automatically.

After the packages are transferred to the export box, the box is automatically folded, taped and weighed. If the machine detects a deviation in weight, for example because a package is missing from the export box, the machine will give an error. After the export box has been approved in terms of weight, it is placed on a roller conveyor and an operator can manually place the box on a pallet.

This version of the Casepacker is custom-made for one of our clients. They decided against a standard Casepacker, because their available space did not allow for that model. GTE has custom-designed and built this machine to fit the clients’ specific requirements and process: with a unique small footprint and an interchangeable system to use with various sizes of export boxes.

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