Blister packing machine

Innovation is in our genes

A blister packing machine is often a requirement for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, as medical products need to be sealed to ensure their sterility. GTE-engineering provides you with a blister packing machine, that fits the needs of your company. We even find a solution for the most challenging projects. Read on to learn more about the possibilities.

A blister packing machine that meets the safety regulations

For packaging, it is important to meet legal and safety-related regulations. At the same time is it an important marketing instrument. The specialists of GTE-engineering have extensive experience with all kinds of packaging solutions and know how to develop safe machines that produce appealing packaging. Use the expertise of our company for everything, from elements of the packaging process like semi-automatic case erectors and sealing machines to complete packaging lines.

Let us know what your wishes are

You will be provided with a tailor-made solution. At first, we analyze your wishes and needs. Are you in the primary, secondary or tertiary packaging sector? And what kind of products do you need to pack with a blister packing machine? Once we know the answers, we will start with finding solutions and creating machines to fulfill all your packaging needs. Do you want to know more about our company? Or do you have any questions regarding a blister packing machine? Feel free to contact us at +31 (0)77-397 13 05