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Testing and Inspection

GTE-engineering develops testing and inspection systems. Dependent on our customers’ wishes, we integrate these systems or make them function stand alone. With our system of contact free inspections, we ensure a continuous quality during the packaging process with maximum precision and high speed. We integrate track and trace in your handling and packaging process.

Focus points of inspections

•    Presence
•    Weight
•    Contours
•    Colors
•    Position control (measuring)
•    UDI (Unique Device Identifier)

Our testing systems can be integrated in every relevant part of the packaging process. For example, it can be used to determine the angular position of an object, to check the print on a label or to do a final packaging inspection as the product is discharged from the machine. The obtained data is sent to machine control and is logged onto a server. This system prevents interruptions of serialization and thus keep the track and trace system reliable.

We use our experience and know-how of design and manufacturing to help manufacturers of medical devices with the timely assembling of their products, within budget and at any scale or volume required. Track and trace / logging is integrated into the process.

Testing and Inspection

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