Machines & Tools

Assembling eyedropper pieces


We have the resources and expertise in both design and manufacturing, to provide medical (device) manufacturers with their equipment. We do so on time, within the agreed budget and at any scale and volume. We offer our customers total automation solutions: from clean room material handling and assembly to automated vision inspection.

Are you looking for expertise on every aspect of automation in the pharmaceutical industry? Are you looking for a way to assemble or package low quantities of new drugs or medical devices? We develop the tools to do so, with the possibility to upgrade to larger quantity machines at a later stage.

Do you have an existing product that requires too much handling? Are you dealing with high error rates in your assembly? We determine effective adjustments and integrate these into your existing systems, or come up with a customized machine, depending on your needs and budget. Our high-volume machines provide accuracy, repeatability and reliability for even the most challenging requirements.


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