The LAP-C with a Mecademic robot

27-01-2020 by Marian Wijnen.

GTE designed and built the LAP-C. A circular platform for assembling and/or packaging medical products. If we design the LAP-C as an assembling machine we often use a Mecademic robot.

The Mecademic robot offers a unique solution to precision positioning and manipulation in tight spaces, an intelligent alternative to fixed automation. The small robotic arms are easily integrated into a final product. It can be installed on a production line or used as a desktop tool. It enables a whole new range of processes, products and opportunities that were impossible before. It’s till now the smallest, most compact and precise 6-axis industrial robot that we have found.

The benefits of the Mecademic robot:

Saves space:  we can now automate in small confined spaces, which enables us to innovate your product or improve your production line.

Precise: Since this six-axis small robot arms moves with micro meter repeatability, it enables us to automate high-precision tasks and delicate manipulations with guaranteed efficiency.

Simple: It is easily programmable.

The profit for our customers: less space needed for automation, high precision automation, difficult assembly is possible.

Marian Wijnen

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