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The Burst Tester

Newly developed machine by GTE Engineering

17-12-2015 by Marian Wijnen.

From a major pharmaceutical company GTE-engineering was asked whether they could design a machine that could test the sachets or the stick packs with their medications on the quality of the packaging. They wanted to be sure that the packaging of these sachets meets the quality standards. Because of this question GTE-engineering designed the Burst Tester.

Burst Tester

The Burst Tester, also called leak detector, is designed to test the seal quality of a batch stick packs or sachets which have been filled with liquid. Stick Pack packaging is best known for sugar or ketchup / mayonnaise Sticks. These sticks can be identified by the seal to which they have on both sides. Machines in which these products are formed, filled and sealed are known as so-called fillers or vertical VFFS (Vertical Form Fil Seal) machines. The quality of the seal connection depends on many factors, such as sealing temperature, sealing pressure, material composition and the contents of any potential contaminants that end up in the sealing. In order to guarantee the quality a test / monitor system is required in which destructive or non-destructive testing can be done.

Speed and software

In average there may be, depending on the dimensions of stick pack, ca 20 to 30 in a cycle of self-stick packs  tested by the machine. The test data is logged to so-called CSV files and can be saved through an internet connection in a network. The batch test can be logged into the same network via a barcode scanner. The contamination remains in the test disk and is easy to clean. Through the use of easy to clean materials such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum, the machine is easy to keep clean.

The Burst Tester is now in operation. GTE engineering anticipates that there will be more demand from the market for this machine.

Marian Wijnen

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