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18-03-2020 by Marian Wijnen.

Due to the situation that has arisen regarding the corona virus outbreak in the Netherlands / Europe, GTE engineering has taken immediate precautions to protect the health of its employees, customers, suppliers and other relations. We follow government guidelines on a daily basis and constantly adjust our organization accordingly.

We are fully operational as a company! A number of employees currently work from home, but are available via telephone and / or email and are perfectly capable of offering you the usual support.

We do not expect any problems with regard to the supply of spare parts. As long as our suppliers can continue to work and the delivery services do not experience any problems, we can continue to supply spare parts.

With regard to the support for the machines, the following applies: where we can be of service via "remote control" or online, we prefer that. However, not all service can be performed remotely. Together with our engineers, we do everything we can to ensure that all technical actions take place on time and in the best conditions, with due attention to the health of your and our employees.

Our employees are informed about how to work safely (wash hands regularly with soap and water, keep a distance, do not work in a group, do not shake hands, stay at home with symptoms of illness, etc.). To ensure the continuity of your business, we will continue to carry out all service activities on your behalf.

We will continue to strictly follow the advice of the national government and hope that the epidemic will soon be under control.

Marian Wijnen

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