About GTE

Innovation is in our genes

About GTE

Innovation is in our DNA. During the initiation phase of a project, our engineers are creative and ambitious: they will find a solution to any problem. They are used to thinking outside the box. Our strength is in the unique combination of that creativity with our skills to build reliable solutions with proven technology in the design phase. At GTE, we dare to think differently, and we do. This results in high quality, customized solutions. Our level of quality can only be achieved by working with the best creative professionals who are well known with the latest developments in design, manufacturing techniques and 3D-modelling.

The innovation process

All our projects go through a number of  phases. Each phase requires various and complementary insights. Our team has expertise in all needed disciplines and can therefore manage projects from start to finish. When additional product knowledge is required, GTE can call upon its vast network of specialists and reliable suppliers. As project manager, we take complete responsibility, allowing you to focus on your core business. With our efforts and your knowledge of the (new) product and experiences in the industry, we will achieve the best results for you.


By acting as a full-service project manager, we are able to select the best production methods and develop multidisciplinary machines. This way, we can realize inventive solutions that cut production time and costs, increase your competitive advantage and tap into new markets. We can give your project a creative technological boost. We invent and develop new concepts that fit your needs, so you can continue your business operations fully prepared for the future.


About GTE

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