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UV gluing machine
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(UV) Glue Equipment

Mark van den Munckhof

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  • Label:Handling, Processing, Assembling
  • Client:Supplier pharmaceutical company
  • Problem:Gluing smaller amounts of plastic components
  • Objective:Develop and build glue equipment for smaller volumes of plastic components


Our (UV) glue machine attaches plastic components using (UV) glue. The machine consists of a glue station and a curing station. At the glue station, (UV) glue is applied to two slabs. An operator may then place products into the plastic components, before they are glued together. After, the operator places the components in the drawer of the curing station. The (UV) glue hardens in UV light.

Product carriers can simply and easily be placed in the stations. Within seconds, an operator can change product carriers, making it possible to glue a new set of slabs or components or to glue different sizes of slabs.

This machine is suitable for ‘High Mix Low Volume’ assembly of medical devices: it is suitable for various sizes and low volumes. Therefore, it can be used for clinical trials or the start up of sales for medical devices. When increasing the production volume, parts of the engineering can be used in further automation of the machine. GTE Engineers will ensure the automation grows alongside your business.


The operator places slabs in product carriers that are equipped with a pivot point. The product carrier with slabs is placed in the glue station. A glue robot then applies the (UV) glue according to a fixed pattern. Once the (UV) adhesive has been applied, the operator takes the product carrier out of the glue station and closes it, ensuring that the slabs are precisely positioned together. The product carrier is then placed in the curing station. The glue is hardened under an UV lamp, with a preset time and intensity. During hardening, the parts are pressed against each other with a fixed force. After the glue is cured, the operator can open the drawer and take the product carrier containing the product out. The slabs are now glued to form the final product.

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