BOX-e; the small box erector

  • Label: Handling, Processing and Packaging
  • Client: Large medical company
  • Problem: Packaging smaller amount and various sizes of boxes
  • Objective: Develop a box erector with a small footprint and fast exchangeable molds

The small box erector for various sizes of boxes.

The BOX-e (box erector) is the first machine with a small footprint that folds and glues various sizes of plain cardboard into toploader boxes. What is new? This machine is adjustable and can therefore perfectly process for a high mix and low volume of boxes. The handling of low quantities and various shapes and sizes is  a trend in the life science industry.

Gluing and folding

Our machine has an automated drawer. This drawer holds the mould for positioning the plain cardboard. When this drawer moves into the machine, hot melt glue is automatically applied onto the folding flaps at the exact right position. When the drawer is completely in, the cardboard is accurately placed above a folding mould. A vertical pusher pushes the plain carton through the mould, giving it its accurate shape by folding it in the right sequence.

Multiple sizes and easy changeover

The pusher tool, the folding tool and the drawer tool are fast exchangeable molds and can be easily positioned and fixed. No specialist tools are required to prepare the molds for the correct box sizes. The exchangeable parts are Poka Yoke designed. For accurate positioning, the hot melt glue applicators are fitted to spindles with numeric indicators.  

Mark van den Munckhof

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