Pouch Counting Machine
Stacking pouches in pouch counter
Placing pouches in de pouch counter machine
Counting pouches with the sensor
Placing pouches before counting
Pouch Counting Machine
Product counting machine

Product Counting Machine

Mark van den Munckhof

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  • Label:Handling & Processing, Packaging
  • Client:A big medical company
  • Problem:Manual counting products if the packaging machines has downtime.
  • Objective:Offline product counting machine with a very precize counting and packaging system

The customer asked to design a machine to bring the products back inline, after getting a bulk that was caused by downtime within the packaging line. After research GTE recommended an offline counting machine for the products. This was much more practical because this machine reduces the standstil of the packagingline. This increases the efficiency.

The products are placed in the machine, then seperated and counted. There are several checks for instance a check on double products and a check on an empty magazine. The products are transported to the carriage servo-slide. When the desired number of products is reached, the product can be packed. The maximum count rate of the feeder is 400 Products / min, this is dependent on the dimensions of the product. The machine can count sheet-like products with a thickness up to 10 mm. The machine is 100% reliable, manual counting is unnecessary.


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