LAP-C (Lean Automation Platform circular)

Tom Brouwers

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  • Label:Assembly and Packaging
  • Client:Medical Company
  • Problem:High costs, reinventing the wheel
  • Objective:Affordable, typical cycle times range from 3-10 seconds, manual operations, high proven quality, short lead time, assembling, packaging and processing, small footprint, smart design, low and medium production numbers (even high production numbers possible)

If you only need to produce a low or medium volume each year, a need fairly common in the medical industry? Often, it results in manufacturing automation being limited because costs of automation would increase the product price too much. The reason is that design, and thus custom automation, is very expensive. The only way to make automation more affordable while ensuring the same or even higher quality, is to standardize as much as possible. This way, you only need to design the specific client processes.

That’s why GTE designed LAP-C. The designed system has a proven robustness. Also, this standard has the advantage of “economics of scale”: when the quantity goes up, the price goes down.

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