Bandage winding and packaging machine

  • Label: Handling & Processing, Packaging
  • Client: A major medical corporation
  • Problem: Manually rolling and packaging of bandages
  • Objective: Automation of the handling of bandages

Our customer used to roll up their product, bandages, and pack them manually. Due to increasing numbers of orders and the need for a consistent high quality, they asked us to automate the step of rolling up bandages.

GTE-engineering developed a machine that rolls up five bandages simultaneously. These are then transferred and are packaged in sets of ten at a time. The machine is designed to handle multiple sizes of bandages. The automation of this process allows our customer to package a larger number of bandages in a shorter amount of time, needing less manual handling.

The machine is equipped with a frame that is height adjustable to fit each operator and create a pleasant and ergonomic working position.

Hubert Peters

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