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Technique classes OBS Weisterbeek

GTE Engineering sponsors technique classes OBS Weisterbeek

25-11-2015 by Marian Wijnen.

We have technique in high esteem. As an innovative developer of new machines, we also want to make young people excited for the technique all around us. We have therefore sponsored OBS Weisterbeek with 9 engineering-lessons and excursions to Discover factory in Eindhoven.

Last Thursday the children from Group 8 of OBS Weisterbeek went on tour.

The discover factory

On november 5, 2015, we left for a tour to the discover factory. We went from school by bus and took off to Eindhoven. We were nice received and led to the cinema. Where we looked at a film about Sunny and different kinds of green energy. After the movie we were divided into two groups; one group worked with a greenscreen. The other group made a balancing Tiger out of styrofoam. You had to put wooden parts on a styrofoam plate. With hot wire you cut the parts and then you had to stick them together. Then we had a short break and the two groups exchanged. With the greenscreen we were divided in 3 groups; one had the 1st scene the other group of the 2nd scene and the 3rd group of the last scene that needed to put behind each other, then we had two really nice movies. At the end of the day we were brought back to school.

On behalf of the whole group 8

The Foundation Discover factory is an initiative of founder Hugo Friday and is supported by, among others, the Mikrocentrum, ASML, DAF, Philips, Government, VDL, NTS, TU/e, Fontys, ROC, and many others. It is located in a former Philips complex Strijp-S and it's a experiencecenter aiming at the target group of children aged 8-14 years. Anyone who wants to, can go enjoy an afternoon with adventures in which techniques in a recognizable way is experienced. More information about the discover factory, look at

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