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Innovation is in our genes

Our mission

GTE contributes to the wellbeing of people, our clients and their customers, by completing socially relevant projects in a proper and sustainable manner.

Our Vision

We at GTE believe that technology can contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of people. Together with our clients, we work at creative and independent innovations . Our focus is specifically aimed at issues that improve the wellbeing and health of people directly. With our knowledge, we want to contribute to the improvement of production and packaging machines for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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To ensure the success of each of our projects, we focus not only on the technical aspects, but on project management as well.

Every project consists of multiple phases. Each phase has a different focus. Within a project, three components are of major importance: time, costs and quality. When you change one of the three components, the others are automatically impacted as well. A good project manager is aware of this fact and knows when to shift focus to steer the project to a successful end result.

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Our Partners

We are a consulting agency and we carefully examine each project to determine which additional specialist product knowledge we need to draw upon to achieve the best results for you.

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